The Climate and Energy Coalition is also an organization led by a group of investors that pursues to establish highly advanced companies that will escort the whole planet to zero emissions.


The Coalition brings companies and individuals together with the means, commitment, and network to direct and plan complex methods of creating and distributing energy solutions in the future. Their mission is to produce an ROI (Return on Investment) while significantly reducing harmful gas emissions.

The Climate and Energy Coalition has a goal to overcome the challenges of investing in solutions for climate change: the time required to make these innovations grow. The different economic zones, such as transportation, housing, and agriculture emit more greenhouse gases compared to human activities. For that reason, new technologies in the said sectors may take years or even decades.

Criteria for Investment

Climate Effect

The impact of energy consumption by humans does not make small progress feasible. Investment in technologies that can lessen greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of one-half gigaton per year, which accounts for one percent of worldwide emissions.

Possibilities for Science

Since it takes a long time to convince markets to opt for green technologies, it is crucial to evaluate projects cautiously beforehand. It is only wise to invest in projects that technologists consider scientifically feasible.

The Need for Investors

The Coalition does not have enough resources to provide global solutions concerning energy consumption and emissions alone. By investing in other companies, the venture can attract more investment from other investors.

Bridging the Gaps

Some facets of green technology continue to attract the interest of investors. The Coalition will use resources on areas that are neglected and undertakings that must undergo examination. For the growth of innovation, it does not limit itself to late or early-stage businesses, small to large undertakings, or specific technologies or geographies.

Any of these companies can significantly influence the Coalition’s primary goal. That is to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions in the years to come. Collaborations need new investing models that concern clean energy. As cooperation, investors and governments aid entrepreneurs and scientists to create, scale, and market the next age of technologies that emit less carbon.

What will be the result? Better products, more innovation, and state-of-the-art companies that can distribute low-carbon solutions over the globe and offer a lasting and significant reduction in harmful emissions.