The Climate and Energy Coalition is not just an organization name but a mission. We play a role in several programs and initiatives to accelerate technological transformation through green, measurable, and favorable innovations.

We aid innovators and entrepreneurs looking for funding and partners, creating new models and tools to understand where our necessity lies. Also, we persuade private institutions and governments to enhance innovation when possible.

Extending Government Cooperation

The Climate and Energy Coalition needs the assistance of governments all over the globe to implement energy innovation. The role of the government is to fund research, translate research into projects worth the money of investors, regulate new technologies distributed in public, and encourage companies and consumers to go for greener choices.

The Coalition provides governments flexible and practical policies that can speed up innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. We also associate investors and institutions with the government to stimulate cross-sector cooperation towards minimizing the production of greenhouse gases globally.


The Coalition works with the Canadian government to support and motivate innovators to work on zero-GHG technologies. It was announced publicly in 2019 that Canada invested about $30 million to advance the promotion of green energy technologies, specifically in the manufacturing, building, transportation, and electricity sectors.


The Commission in Europe already displayed excellent leadership by promising to reach net-zero emissions in 2050. While the U.K., Member States, and E.U. leaders strive to lessen harmful gas emissions on their continent, the Climate and Energy Coalition works with stakeholders and policymakers to ensure investments and innovations in new clean technologies push through.

United States

With a known history of contributing to innovations worldwide and with a large economy, accounting for about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, the U.S. also should lead other countries to the green energy transition. Their policymakers must connect technology, policy, and market commissions toward zero harmful gas emissions.

The Climate and Energy Coalition collaborates with American policymakers to boost policy solutions, advancing technological progress, introducing clean technologies in the market, and aid the planet attain all decarbonization goals.

Innovation’s Mission

During the COP (Climate Change Conference) in Paris last 2015, Bill Gates, alongside Presidents and Ministers of the world, announced that 24 nations promised and are committed to prioritizing clean energy innovations. Side by side with the Climate and Energy Coalition, we help accelerate the Innovation Mission globally through partnerships, investments, and policies.