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How to Set Up a Solar Generator to Decrease Carbon Emissions

Lessening greenhouse gases is what the planet needs right now. With power production being a major contributor to pollution, it’s not surprising that the demand for alternative methods is continuously rising.
Purchasing solar generators can cost you a lot of money, so the best alternative is a DIY solar generator. The technology has already existed for ten to fifteen years, and some families and environmental enthusiasts have already adapted to solar power as their primary source for …


What Will Happen to Cement Makers and Coal Miners on the Road to Zero Greenhouse Emissions?

Most people are convinced about the idea of zero greenhouse emissions due to the planet’s present situation. However, what will happen to workers who will cease to have jobs during the transition?
People who worry about weather changes or climate change tend to call people names and dismiss individuals who have lost their jobs in fossil-fuel industries. Also, people who worry about losing their careers tend to blame environmentalists who do not understand the consequences. Both sides have acceptable concerns.
Nevertheless, the world must transition to a …


What People Can Do to Contribute to Change

Determining the solutions to undertake can be overwhelming if the challenges are as systemic and complex as changes in climate. But transitioning into cleaner energy is possible if everyone will take part and contribute.
The majority are aware that individual actions on climate change are crucial. It is a fact that leaders and governments worldwide are focusing on climate change in most areas since activists have extended their voices for a change.
Nowadays, companies are taking part in …


Bill Gates’ New Book on Climate Change

For over 15 years, exciting progress continues regarding climate change and energy transition. The cost of power from the wind and the sun has dramatically decreased. Also, more support from people in implementing actions on preventing natural disasters is more prevalent than before.
To take action, people need to devise a plan to reach goals. And that is the purpose of the book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” – a scheme for eradicating gas emissions.
The book talks about several steps that …


COVID-19 Opens Opportunities to Attain European Climate Goals

According to WEC (World Energy Council) in the Netherlands, complete decarbonization must restrain carbon dioxide emissions after the pandemic permanently. The report states that several parties look at how the pandemic has threatened the goals of the Paris project.
According to the council chairman, Jeroen van Hoof, COVID-19 has weakened the world to make intelligent and sustainable choices. One question remains unanswered: “Has the pandemic brought a permanent change in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, or is it only temporary?”
Economic problems have led to a decrease in gas emissions. However, it also led to …


What Bill Gates Want People to Know

The reduction of Green Premiums costs is one of the most significant ways that people can prevent natural disasters.
Green Premiums is the variation of cost between items that emit carbon and other things that do not. For instance, the present worth of jet fuel is $2.22 for every gallon. If a particular airline wants to replace it and use an alternative of zero-carbon biofuel, the cost will be $5.32 every gallon, which is a significant increase by more than a hundred percent.
Moreover, Green Premiums give people an idea of zero-carbon remedies they can and should consider using; an example is solar power which offers…


Ways to Combat Climate Change

The recommendations on making the environment closer to becoming a future without carbon emission came from a part of the book written by Bill Gates.
Talking about changes in climate makes people ask similar questions like, “How can I help?” That is why this book includes a chapter on several actions that individuals can apply to make this world closer to becoming a future without carbon emissions.
Section from How to Prevent a Natural Disaster


The Future of European Energy by ERIG

ERIG (The European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation) published a document that defines the future progress of the energy sector in Europe concerning the European Green Deal.
The main goal is to reach European and international climate targets, keeping the planet from warming over 2℃. Therefore, neutral gases will play a significant role. The document follows the institute’s approach, specifically, to contemplate energy or power, consisting of molecules and electrons as carriers of energy associated with …

Solar Energy Research & Innovation

The Sun’s Power

The nearest star the Earth has is the sun. Even if it is a million miles away from the Earth, its gravitational force holds it around its orbit. It transmits heat and light, which makes life on Earth possible.
Plants must have daylight to grow while creatures, including people, need food and oxygen from plants. Also, without the sun’s heat, the Earth would be all ice. There will be no breeze, sea currents, or even clouds.
Solar energy is as old as the sun. While human beings have not …


A Warmer Climate Would Harm the Poor More than Others

Often, the problem people focus on solving is how to achieve zero harmful gas emissions. Reducing the severity of climate change is the main issue the world has to solve. However, people have forgotten to learn to adapt to changes in weather conditions.
Fact is, the climate has already changed and is continually changing.
If you look back at extreme weather conditions significantly affecting people’s lives (for example, California wildfire and Texas freeze), you will realize how common it has become. …

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