Ways to Combat Climate Change

The recommendations on making the environment closer to becoming a future without carbon emission came from a part of the book written by Bill Gates.

Talking about changes in climate makes people ask similar questions like, “How can I help?” That is why this book includes a chapter on several actions that individuals can apply to make this world closer to becoming a future without carbon emissions.

Section from How to Prevent a Natural Disaster

For Citizens

When thinking about how to help limit the occurrence of climate change, it is common to ponder things such as reducing meat consumption and having electric cars. These actions preferred by consumers are significant for the marketplace.

It is a fact that the majority of carbon emissions are from the more extensive systems in which people live.

For instance, when someone prefers toasted bread for breakfast, people will purchase a machine to have it (the toaster) and electricity to make the toaster function without using greenhouse gases to the environment. However, telling people alone not to use a toaster will not solve the problem of climate change.

Furthermore, political action is a requirement in delivering such an energy system. That is why it is significant for people to take part in politics to assist in preventing a natural disaster.

Through meetings with politicians, it seems that climate change is not the only issue they are facing. They are also planning programs on health care, jobs, education, and the most current issue of COVID-19.

Having these programs on their plate is too much as they have to prioritize and decide how to implement things based on their constituents’ perceptions.

With all that said, the implementation of plans for climate change will depend on voters’ demand. With the help of activists worldwide, orders on climate change are unnecessary as millions of citizens want action to be implemented.

For these calls to materialize, citizens need to put pressure on politicians to reduce carbon emissions.