A Warmer Climate Would Harm the Poor More than Others

Often, the problem people focus on solving is how to achieve zero harmful gas emissions. Reducing the severity of climate change is the main issue the world has to solve. However, people have forgotten to learn to adapt to changes in weather conditions.

Fact is, the climate has already changed and is continually changing.

If you look back at extreme weather conditions significantly affecting people’s lives (for example, California wildfire and Texas freeze), you will realize how common it has become. However, there are also other devastating events caused by a warming planet. Unfortunately, the ones most affected are the poor.


More than half of the individuals striving in poverty often rely on the plants they grow to earn a living and sustain their families. Therefore, a warmer planet will be harsh for wealthy farmers in Europe and America but deadly for farmers with low income in Asia and Africa. Areas near the Equator will suffer the worst consequences brought about by climate change.

Floods and droughts will be frequent, impacting harvest often. Livestock has less food to eat, therefore, lesser ability to produce milk and meat. The soil and air will lose water, leaving plants thirsty, especially in Africa and South Asia.

Moreover, climate change will impact the health of people in poor nations the most. For that reason, an efficient healthcare system is a must to prevent common illnesses, such as pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria.

The government must ensure that lesser children suffer from malnourishment by helping farmers grow their food and teaching them ways to adapt to climate change.