The Coalition

Climate change is advancing; therefore, the transition to using clean energy is more crucial than ever. A successful transition will significantly depend on systems and green energy sources. The goal of Climate and Energy Coalition is to take part in promoting a sustainable and enduring energy economy.

All About the Coalition

The primary goal of the collaboration is to create a sustainable and enduring energy community. The mission is immense, complex, and international. Therefore, cooperation is a must to succeed.

The coalition’s role is to unite the experience, knowledge, innovation, and determination of knowledge institutions, governments, and companies worldwide. As a whole, the Climate and Energy Coalition is brought to life. Together, the coalition faces challenges along the way while sharing knowledge with others, benefiting all.

The Climate and Energy Coalition centers on three main topics:

Green Molecules

More than half of the power that Europe consumes consists of gases/molecules. Sustainable electricity replaces a part of that. However, it is anticipated that molecules will account for most of the energy used in the UK in the coming years. The Climate and Energy Coalition aims to promote green gas and green hydrogen.

Energy System Integration

The transition to clean energy requires the present energy system to change. With an increasing supply of power from the wind and sun, there is not much security. In reality, the wind and the sun are not always there to blow and shine, respectively.

This poses a demand on current systems and modification of revenue models. The role of the Climate and Energy Coalition is to find a way to integrate different energy systems.

Knowledge and Education

Parties gather in the Climate and Energy Coalition to establish and dispense relevant expertise and knowledge internationally and locally. The goal is long-term development: from fundamentals to executive projects for professionals. Our mission is to educate people all over the globe with the competencies and knowledge needed for the transition.

Why join the Coalition?

Joining the Climate and Energy Coalition reflects your commitment to living in a better future. Keep in mind that progress is the fruit of collaboration and cooperation.

The Climate and Energy Coalition gives you a chance to take part in energy developments. Participation in meetings, programs, and projects gives you a picture of the latest progress. All undertakings will allow you to access a diverse network of regional and international parties, leading to business opportunities and collaborations.