Energy System Integration

The present energy system typically has a comparatively simple chain with only a few players and links: they produce energy centrally and bring it to end-users. The transition will lead to new progress to the current energy structure, which calls for a perfect fit and more customization into the society and energy system.

The transformation of the field requires a resilient and modern system with a link of players, carriers, and connections. That is to ensure guaranteed support, lesser costs, and stability. These are essential prerequisites to sustain energy investments, activities, and jobs. Moreover, it demands collaboration and new knowledge or information.

The focus and priority are for the energy integrated systems to make sustainable, affordable, and dependable chains of power production and utilization. Both local and international efforts are mainly looking into reducing carbon dioxide to make the plan more diversified and maintained.

With the energy system integration project, the Climate and Energy Coalition will be able to focus on two things: new power hubs and ecosystems.