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The Climate and Energy Coalition needs scientists and highly experienced energy professionals with expert knowledge and a deep understanding of the energy system. These groups of field experts play a vital role in accelerating and pushing the transition forward.

The Climate and Energy Coalition is a sector that has a crucial function in the education and training of skilled professionals required for the future energy transition.

The Coalition aims to train professionals to adapt competencies and acquire the knowledge needed for the upcoming change. As mentioned, as part of the requirement, professionals working on the change must have current and specific expertise and a broad understanding of the whole energy system.

In addition, a worker with a flexible personality is necessary to easily adapt to any updates in developments and insights. As professionals, the project needs its workers to be team players to smoothly team up with multidisciplinary groups. Hence, possessing these good attributes will yield the innovations required.

Furthermore, the Coalition wants people who have a positive outlook about the transition and find it not an issue of technology but a challenge to society. The team would be glad to hire professionals who are excellent in what they do and who have a good understanding of the whole energy system.

For this reason, Energy Coalition helps the progression of interdisciplinary education starting from career level to master in business.

The Climate and Energy Coalition joins different educational institutions to figure out the future of energy education as one.