The Future of European Energy by ERIG

ERIG (The European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation) published a document that defines the future progress of the energy sector in Europe concerning the European Green Deal.
The main goal is to reach European and international climate targets, keeping the planet from warming over 2℃. Therefore, neutral gases will play a significant role. The document follows the institute’s approach, specifically, to contemplate energy or power, consisting of molecules and electrons as carriers of energy associated with …

Solar Energy Research & Innovation

The Sun’s Power

The nearest star the Earth has is the sun. Even if it is a million miles away from the Earth, its gravitational force holds it around its orbit. It transmits heat and light, which makes life on Earth possible.
Plants must have daylight to grow while creatures, including people, need food and oxygen from plants. Also, without the sun’s heat, the Earth would be all ice. There will be no breeze, sea currents, or even clouds.
Solar energy is as old as the sun. While human beings have not …

Human Capital

Education on Energy for Students

The coalition has a role in organizing, facilitating, and developing knowledge to spread through regular schooling in vocational levels of secondary schools and universities. The training of professionals has a vital function in the Climate and Energy Coalition, and this is rendered worldwide through a business school named Energy Institute.
Furthermore, their Energy Programme arranges different masterclasses, lectures, debates, and excursions that benefit everyone. Those students who follow the learning activities of the said program and can finish a course on energy at the respected universities of Hanze and Groningen and will be …

Solar Energy Research & Innovation

Students and Solar Energy

There is much to learn about solar energy, and students can learn much from the benefits and disadvantages. Below are effective ways to introduce solar energy to students.
Discuss standard tools that use solar power
Stimulate the mind of your students and ask them to name standard devices that function using solar energy, such as highway lighting, garden lights, etc. Ensure that students see how these tools capture solar energy using PV cells and batteries for future use.
Also, …


Green Molecules

More than half the power utilized in Europe comes from gases/molecules. In the future, the energy systems will replace these with sustainable and clean electricity. In 2050,  Europe will still need much energy in molecule form for non-electrified applications, balancing, heavy transport, high temperature, and etc.
Presently, Europe is investing a large amount of money in green gases, accounting for roughly 50 percent of the power mix in 2050. The cooperation of the existing infrastructure for heat, electricity, and …

Human Capital

Energy Education For Professionals

The international school of the Climate and Energy Coalition is the Energy Institute. This institution aims to link all business skills, expertise, and knowledge to train professionals. They offer training courses, executive programs, masterclasses, and business coaching for professionals all over the globe.
These courses help sharpen their skills and expertise to ensure a more successful transition in the future.
Moreover, activities on networking and training will prepare these professionals for the…

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